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Colpofix® - What is Colpofix®? - Vaginal spray gel


CIN 1 regression


vs. control


Significant improvement in ectopy pattern*

*severe ectropion >2/3

Colpofix® - Benefits - Restoration and maintenance of the vaginal microbiota


Reached an optimum pH

Regression of cervical lessions1,2,3,4

Colpofix® improves the regression of low-grade cervical lesions

N = 999 women

With abnormal Pap tests were enrolled in a multicentre, retrospective, case-control study.

The treatment arm consisted of patients submitted to local therapy with Colpofix®. The control arm comprised patients who did not receive any therapy.

6 months of follow-up

Colpofix® increases regression of CIN 1 lesions to 95.7% after 6 months of follow-up.

Colpofix® - Professional Area - Regression of cervical lessions - Colpofix® improves the regression of low-grade cervical lesions
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Colpofix® gel represents a valid alternative to a “wait and see” strategy in patients affected by CIN 1.

Stentella P, Biamonti A, Carraro C, et al. Efficacy of carboxymethyl beta-glucan in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia: A retrospec­tive, case-control study. Minerva Ginecol 2017; 69(5): 425-30.

HPV clearance4